Six Months


My baby is six months old! Let’s celebrate with a little list!

Thora Olava likes broccoli, watching her sister play and be silly, pulling the dog’s hair, grabbing hold of my nose, screaming loudly and then smiling afterwards, sucking her thumb, having a snooze in the pushchair and chewing on almost anything.

So far she has no teeth (they’re coming!) and she turns when you say her name, she smiles all the time and she has stopped sleeping through the night. She goes to bed at the same time as her sister, and they share a bedroom. We have started introducing solids, but nothing beats the boob. She has had several colds already (thank you nursery germs) and has been to three countries.

Thora does not like having her nose wiped, milk from a bottle or Calpol (unlike her sister who asks for it even when she’s not ill).

She is my little thunder-baby and I can’t even remember what life was like before her.



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