I’m not gonna lie, I am a massive fan of Halloween. I know it’s commercialised and Americanised, but I can’t help myself. Any opportunity to dress up and be a bit silly. And I also love the pumpkins. The sweet smell of the burning pumpkin flesh when you light the tea candles inside them. And when you pull open the top after having made the first incision, that smell always makes me think yep, it’s almost winter! I’m not such a fan of eating them though, I’ve tried that on several occasions as my conscience suffers a bit when I think about all the resources that are used for growing these giant vegetables that pretty much rots on the doorstep until its chucked away. One year I attempted a pumpkin curry. It did not go down very well with anyone in the household…

The toddler was totally into it this year and enjoyed the dress-up and the face painting as much as me, and she absolutely loved the trick-or-treaters that came to our door, or the “tickets” as she called them. We didn’t go out this year, I think she’s a little young for that, and it’s way too much candy for a toddler…! We did however go to couple of kids Halloween parties which was super fun for everyone. At one of the parties I was the only dressed up parent, which is typically me. I go all in and think everybody else will be going at it with the same enthusiasm. But they never do, and we rocked up as matching skeletons and the other mummies were there in their mum-jeans and their knee length boots, being all motherly. But we had fun!

And of course I faffed about with decorating the house. I think maybe what I love most about it, is all the decorations and all the stuff. And I also get a bit competitive which shames me to admit, cause I wouldn’t normally describe myself as the competitive person at all! Unless we are talking about costumes and decorations… At World Book Day I sat up for hours sewing a Pippi Longstocking costume for the toddler to wear to nursery, whilst being enormously pregnant, and a few weeks later I went all mad about the Easter Bonnet competition (she won it, if you’re wondering…), cursing the even bigger bump that was just in the way! Turns out I’m a bit competitive after all, I never even knew I had it in me.

Anyway, I digress. I hope you had a fun Halloween, we certainly did!


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