Milestones for grownups


As parents we often celebrate our children’s milestones, it starts off with the first ever nappy change, the first ever smile, the first tears, the first explosive poo, the first night at home, the first laugh, the first steps, the first shoes, the first words, the list goes on. We like to make a mental note of these achievements, and perhaps we even write them down or take a photo, some of us might even make a scrapbook out of them…! I’ve been meaning to do one for almost three years, that was obviously the plan before the kids were born and I was a perfect parent.

But as we cheer and high-five the new things our children do we forget that it’s nice to celebrate grownup milestones too! Like the first ever night out after kids, putting on a pair of nice knickers post baby, perhaps even getting into our pre-baby jeans again, sitting down to eat a home cooked meal (and not a ready made one from the supermarket), having sex… These are milestones too, but we totally overlook them. I say we start making a fuss over our new achievements however small they might sound, or however ridiculous they might be compared to life before kids! We totally deserve a high-five and some congratulatory words after having successfully put the kids to bed without tears from either party.

And sometimes theĀ milestones are big, and I for one am celebrating a huge one this week. I have submitted my first ever assignment for the degree I started this autumn. I am so proud of myself for having first of all signed up to do this, because frankly it scares the shit of out me, and secondly because I have actually done it! I wrote an essay, in pretty decent English (or so I hope), and I have handed it in, before the deadline! And I have done this when the kids have been sleeping! I never, ever thought I would be doing anything academic, yet here I am. Bloody doing it!

So here’s to blowing our own trumpets, because who the hell else is going to do it for us, and celebrating milestones for grownups!


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