Dressing your babies for winter – some tips from a Norwegian


Oh baby it’s cold outside! The garden is covered in frost, and all the leaves are glittering in the low winter sun. There is nothing quite like it!

But with glittery frost, comes nail biting cold, and sometimes it’s hard to know what to dress your babies in when it’s this cold. As a Norwegian I am probably a bit above averagely concerned with the weather, and especially when the numbers creep down into the blues. My childhood, and I suspect a lot of other Scandi kids would say the same, was mostly spent outside regardless of the weather, and babies often sleep outside in the winter! So Scandi kids are always dressed according to the weather. The kids at my daughter’s nursery are likely to be staying in all day today because it’s so cold. Which is fine. But if you are going out with your kids I have some useful tips to keep the little ones warm and cosy!

  1. Wool wool wool. It’s all about the wool. The most important point! This is concerning everyone! Babies, children and parents (unless you or your child suffers with eczema, then silk or 100% organic cotton).
  2. Layers! Start with a thin merino body warmer against the skin (or cotton if you react to wool) and add more layers depending on how cold it is, and what your baby will be sitting in. The thing about merino wool, is that it should be sitting right next to your skin to get the most out of its unique qualities. And layers means you get insulating air between each garment which will keep you warm. And also, should you happen to overdo it a bit you can always remove a layer!
  3. A decent hat that covers the neck and cheeks, as well as the head and ears. Have you ever tried putting a scarf on a baby? Not easy, and it is very bulky. Investing in a hat, ideally wool (see, it’s all about the wool!) that covers well is something you will not regret. This is also something you might want to consider for toddlers and older children too. If they are not interested in wearing such a hat, then a nice turtle neck bib is a good substitution for a bulky scarf. This is what we use for our oldest.
  4. Mittens connected by a string. And mittens without a thumb – I want to speak to the person who can get a baby’s thumb into a mitten and give them a gold star! But the string bit; this way you won’t lose one! If you haven’t seen mittens on a string before it works like this: you put the mittens on with the string going across the child’s back before you put on a coat. This is also very good for active toddlers.
  5. Waterproof mittens, no cold and wet hands in sight!
  6. A decent foot muff. Babies aren’t that active so they need to be kept warm, and the easiest way to do this is by making sure they are sitting in a nice and warm foot muff. Get the best one you can afford, because they will be spending a lot of time in it, and we often have cold weather here. It’s not like you won’t use it. A blanket can easily be kicked off, or it might slide off, or even drag so I don’t recommend that at all. If you have a newborn winter baby you might even consider a foot muff for the car seat. It is much safer to wrap your baby up in a bag designed for car seats (with openings for the harness) than putting a fully clothed baby into the car seat.
  7. Toddlers and older children may have slightly different needs, as they are often very active! But again, wool base layers ensures that they are keeping warm and dry. I also quite like a decent waterproof and windproof overall for toddlers, this way they can play and get messy without getting wet and cold. And it’s only one garment to take off when they get back inside!
  8. Speaking of base layers, all Scandi kids, girls AND boys, wear tights in the winter! Tights are great to wear under loose trousers, and are super comfy to lounge in after they have been outside playing in the cold. We cannot get enough tights in this household.
  9. Warm and dry shoes. It doesn’t matter how warm your kids are wrapped up if they have cold feet. Keep them dry and make sure whatever shoes they are wearing aren’t too tight. Don’t be tempted to put on lots of socks on their feet, if they can’t get any movement in their shoes or wellies they will get cold quickly. Plastic can make their feet sweat and cools quickly = cold feet.
  10. And don’t forget about yourself! A mum coat is crucial. You know the one; lots of pockets, big hood, covers your thighs and keeps you warm!

What would you add to the list? 

Warm babies!


***All opinions are my own, this is not a sponsored post or ad***


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