Easter came as a very welcoming break for us all, and we had packed the whole weekend full of lovely plans! As it was Thora’s very first birthday on Easter Saturday we wanted to spend it with family. So we packed up the car, which took about an hour ’cause you know – kids, and drove down to Alfriston in East Sussex to visit the in-laws who were spending the bank holiday weekend in their motorhome.


The kids’ grandparents had organised an egg hunt when we arrived which went down a treat! The biggest small spent most of the time on her bike and was doing timed lapses with her Uncle Kristian. I love watching her take risks and explore and be free in nature. It reminds me of my own childhood in Norway. We had a BBQ outside and ate it inside – it was pretty cold down there! It was such a great way to celebrate Thora’s birthday and get that Easter feeling at the same time. We drove home with sleeping children in the car.

On Easter Monday my husband went for a very early morning bike ride with his mates and discovered something he wanted to share with us; a beautiful field of bluebells! So as a final Easter push we all went for a little wander through the woods. Our long weekend was packed full of being outdoors and to us there is nothing better!

Easter 2017, you were great! 


Photo credit: Anders Brauten-Smith


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