Hever Castle

_DSC5454Last Christmas we were given an overnight stay at Hever Castle as a present from my brother in law and his girlfriend. I know, very generous! A couple of weekends ago we packed up the car and drove off to Kent for our little family weekend trip away. And we had such a great time! The weather was fantastic and of course the place… The place! It was so amazing. And as a bit of a Tudor geek I was overcome by the history of it all. Of course with kids things don’t always go as planned or expected, so we sped through the castle making sure the toddler didn’t touch anything or decide to do a runner. Before kids I would have been in that castle for hours taking it all in! Oh, and we forgot the baby carrier so Anders had to hold her the whole time (the buggy had to be left outside of course)…



We spent the whole Saturday just wandering through the gardens and just enjoying each other’s company, eating ice creams and taking it easy. There was a WW2 event on  (Hever’s Home Front) so there were lots of fun things going on the whole weekend we were there. After going through the gardens and running around the water maze, which was so great for the kids, we checked into our room and chilled out before heading off to the local pub for lunch. The room was something else, and overlooked the castle and part of the gardens. It was the first time we had ever stayed in a hotel room with both the kids and we decided just to roll with it and all four of us piled into the big bed and watched TV until we decided we could all go to sleep at about 9pm. There was absolutely no point in trying to stick to normal bedtime!


After having a lovely, civilised(!) breakfast we checked out of our room and spent the rest of the day in the gardens. I loved the Italian garden and the rose garden. It really was like being in Italy, especially with the hot weather, for a couple of hours! After completing the  Yew Maze and negotiating a couple of tantrums we eventually headed back to the car and drove home. It was one of the nicest weekends in a long time, and the place was incredible and the B&B were so accommodating to us. I would totally recommend going even just as a day out because the gardens are so wonderful, and it is very family friendly. We will definitely be going back!



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