V is for Village

I grew up around lots of grandparents, aunties, cousins and neighbours. Literally, all of those relatives were also my neighbours. I come from a small town, a village you might even say. There were always someone there. I’m not saying that my mother didn’t sense the loneliness of motherhood as she became a mother at … Continue reading V is for Village


When I first told my husband I was considering starting a degree, was during a moment of total and utter frustration with my situation as a mother of two, soon to hand in my resignation because of the astronomical cost of childcare. A job that had been good to me and allowed me to come … Continue reading WHAT STUDYING HAS TAUGHT ME


Easter came as a very welcoming break for us all, and we had packed the whole weekend full of lovely plans! As it was Thora's very first birthday on Easter Saturday we wanted to spend it with family. So we packed up the car, which took about an hour 'cause you know - kids, and drove … Continue reading Easter