Milestones for grownups

As parents we often celebrate our children's milestones, it starts off with the first ever nappy change, the first ever smile, the first tears, the first explosive poo, the first night at home, the first laugh, the first steps, the first shoes, the first words, the list goes on. We like to make a mental … Continue reading Milestones for grownups

I want to ride my bicycle!

With a husband who is a bit above averagely interested in bikes it was only inevitable that the kids would eventually be kitted out with some pretty good gear. Last year we gave Iselilja a balance bike for Christmas, one without pedals, and it's only recently that she's become a bit more comfortable and confident … Continue reading I want to ride my bicycle!


I'm not gonna lie, I am a massive fan of Halloween. I know it's commercialised and Americanised, but I can't help myself. Any opportunity to dress up and be a bit silly. And I also love the pumpkins. The sweet smell of the burning pumpkin flesh when you light the tea candles inside them. And … Continue reading Halloween