Hever Castle

Last Christmas we were given an overnight stay at Hever Castle as a present from my brother in law and his girlfriend. I know, very generous! A couple of weekends ago we packed up the car and drove off to Kent for our little family weekend trip away. And we had such a great time! … Continue reading Hever Castle

Experiences of motherhood that have surprised me

Before I became a parent I was very judgmental, I didn't know that I was, but now that I am a parent I can totally admit that the ideas I had about parenthood and motherhood before I entered the squad was full of judgement. It has been a steep learning curve and there are some … Continue reading Experiences of motherhood that have surprised me


I'm not gonna lie, I am a massive fan of Halloween. I know it's commercialised and Americanised, but I can't help myself. Any opportunity to dress up and be a bit silly. And I also love the pumpkins. The sweet smell of the burning pumpkin flesh when you light the tea candles inside them. And … Continue reading Halloween